Mobile Long Span Shelving Clondalkin, Dublin.

From €270 per Unit

Height: 1800mm
Width: up to 2100mm
Depth: 450mm

Mobile Long Span Shelving, Clondalkin

Long Span shelving

The photos in this article are of a batch of mobile shelving units a customer ordered off us for delivery in Clondalkin.
Each one of these bays was fabricated in length to fit the narrow working aisles the customer has in his warehouse. Each fabricated bay can be purchased for 350 euro ex vat this will ensure each bay is the exact size you require. We supply these bays at a standard length of 2100mm and at this length each bay can be purchased for 270 euro ex vat.

These units are an easy solution to optimising your warehouse picking or storage capacity.

Product used is Longspan mobile shelving at a depth of 450mm and a height of 1800mm the length is up to you and can be any length up to 2100mm. If you wish to make these bays narrower than the 2100mm just add 80 euro for fabrication.

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We can fit any of these sizes anywhere countrywide.CONTACT TODAY FOR A QUOTE. * Price per unit is quoted as part of package deal, may be more as a single unit