We often have people asking do we stock used racking and a lot of the time we do, but there are some advantages to think of when investing in a new industrial shelving system. New long span shelving systems are always certified by the manufacturer and meet all the safety requirements needed.
This makes life a lot easier if you are looking to insure your warehouse or racking. If you have any problems you can go back to your supplier who in turn can contact the manufacturer and sort out any problems.

The obvious advantage to new racking is the knowledge that there is no hidden damage to your system like rust or damaged bracing which may affect your load capacity. All Rack King’s shelving systems are brand new from top to bottom including all the timber and metal inserts so there are no hidden cracks bumps or inserts that do not fit. All our inserts are machine cut to fit our shelving systems perfectly.

safe in the knowledge that you can always add on to your existing system with parts supplied by Rack King

Also with new systems, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can always add on to your existing system with parts supplied by Rack King. We always store the same components so you will never have to chase that extra beam or frame.
Suppliers of used racking might have ten bays of a certain brand today and none tomorrow making it very difficult to keep your storage systems up to date.

In the end, a good shelving system should be looked at as an investment in your warehouse workshop or office. A certified new shelving system is worth the investment so you know it will still be there for years to come.

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