Workbench with extra metal lower shelf


Workbenches are required for the toughest environments. Mechanical workshops, garages, repair shops and heavy manual handling industries are environments where chemicals, heavy loads, and strenuous use necessitate robustness.These workbenches should be seen as in investment because if looked after correctly they will stand you the test of time. Our workbenches are very durable and withstand the most demanding conditions.

This first workbench is extremely efficient with a working load of 300 kilograms and is perfect for manual handling work. These are 2100mm long 900mm high and 900mm deep have a brand new 25mm mdf worktop. These benches are ideal for finishing departments in print companies or any business that has a constant flow of product passing over it. Shelving levels can be added underneath to provide extra storage.

  • One level workbench 140 euro.
  • Add shelf beneath 40 euro.
  • Add galvanised metal worktop 35 euro.

We can fit any of these sizes anywhere countrywide. CONTACT TODAY FOR A QUOTE.