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Single sided Gondola Retail Shelving

Single Sided Gondolas

Very much like the single sided wall unit the single sided gondola has all the great features with the exception of four shelves instead of five and a maximum height of 1500mm.These units are popular for placement at the end of the of the double sided gondola above.Offering more storage without taking up to much more space.

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Single Sided Wall Retail Shelf Unit

Single Sided Wall Unit

The single sided wall unit is an easy to use strong reliable retail shelving system.Each bay is 2100mm high and 1000mm wide.There are five levels per bay as standard but bays can be purchased with four levels depending on the stock you will be storing.The bays are very easily assembled with no nuts or bolts and a complete clip together system.All systems are brand new and have a superior gloss white finish. Each shelf come with bolseters to allow stock to sit comfortably and also plastic retail strips for the fitting of prices and barcode labels. Bay heights can be adjusted to suit any area with the maximum height of 2100mm avaialble as the standard height for manual loading and unloading.

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Single Sided Wall Retail Shelf Unit

Double Sided Gondola Unit

The double side gondola is a versatile retail storage unit. They are generally in use on shop floors and can be used to store a varity of products and sizes.The bays are 1500mm high 1000mm wide and come completae with four shelves on either side of the unit.All shelves are fully adjustable and shelves can also be removed if you require the storage of larger products. Each shelf come with bolseters to allow stock to sit comfortably and also plastic retail strips for the fitting of prices and barcode labels.

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Answers to some of your queries

What is a starter bay and an add on bay?

A starter bay is required to begin all runs of racking.A starter bay consists of two end frames.An add on bay is only one end frame and connects into the second frame of the starter bay.You can add as many add on bays as your the length of your area permits.Every time you end a run of racking you will require a starter bay to begin again.

Do you deliver and install?

We do deliver and install and some delivery and installations can start from as little as ?20.We offer very competitive rates on all installations and generally an installtion upwards of twenty bays is only ?100.Call today and we will provide a full quote for stock delivery and installation.

Do we sell used stock?

We do sell used stock but it is dependent on availability and quality.All our pallet racking is used stock.We also store used shelving systems again availability is dependant on quantity and quality.

How many shelving levels are in a bay of Longspan shelving?Can I add more if required?

All of our longspan shelving bays come standard with three fully adjustable levels.Levels can be added or removed depending on your storage requirements.You can have as many levels as you require but must have a minimum of two levels per bay for structural safety.

Do you purchase used shelving?

We pay cash for all shelving and pallet racking systems.Call us today and we will give you a fair price for all your surplus pallet racking.We will collect ourselves so there should be no hassle on your part.

How long does delivery take?

Generally for all Dublin deliveries we can guarantee first thing the next morning.Depending on the time of day the order is placed we may be able to get to you same day.This applies to most areas in Kildare Wicklow and Meath as well. Nationwide times depend on quantity.If it is more cost effective and generally with longspan shelving and kit bay shelving it is we can generally get out to you the following day.If not we will guarantee delivery in 48 hours.

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