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Tyre Racking

Tyre Racking

A level will hold nine to ten tyres depending on tyre depth.Our tyre racking is all stocked in Walkinstown meaning we can dispatch to you straight away. We can also custom build your racking to any depth required up to 900mm to suit whatever tyre size you may have.

Custom depths available from 300mm to 900mm

We can sell one bay or one hundred bays and we deliver all of the above anywhere in Dublin, north Kildare or north Wicklow for free. Nationwide delivery charge of only 80 euro for any of the above outside of mentioned areas. All prices are plus [email protected]%

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Tyre Racking - Four Bays- 120tyres

Four continuous bays with storage capacity for 120 tyres: €650..


Tyre Racking - Two Bays- 60 tyres

Two continuous bays with storage capacity for 60 tyres: €350..


Longspan Shelving Ordering guide

Pick a Starter Bay Depth

To order your online purchase of Longspan shelving, first pick the relevant depth for your planned shelving system. 450mm, 600mm and 900mm are the options. 

Ordering Guide

Add Extension Bays 

Measure the length of straight line storage you need. Subtract 2100mm from the total area for the starter bay. Divide the remaining amount of area by 2100mm. The result will be the number of exetension bays you need to add to your order.

Ordering Guide

Add Any Optional Extras

Add any extra levels to your order, if required. You are ready to complete your order and go to the checkout.

Ordering Guide