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Relocating your existing racking or shelving?

Posted by Gary 15/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

Whether you’re looking to update your warehouse or just started a company and need to fill the space, Rack King and shelving limited have the shelving you require

At Rack King and Shelving Limited we can offer a full relocation service for all your warehouse needs. Any Pallet racking or shelving up to 5 metres in height we can decommission and re-install in your new warehouse. We can take down all your existing racking and re-install it at a location of your choice. Rack King and Shelving Limited have 12 years experience in this field and we can re-install your pallet racking or shelving with full certification. 

Advantages to hiring Rack King and Shelving Limited for your project include our experience in the decommissionung of existing pallet racking and shelving and also the fact we are fully insured for the installation of pallet racking or shelving nationwide.


Advantages in hiring RACKING & SHELVING LTD. for your project include our experience.


We will provide a full service including the decommissioning of your storage system, transport and re-erecting of your storage system in your new location.


In the end a good shelving system should be looked at as an investment in your warehouse workshop or office. There is no reason that it cant be re-installed at a new location if you need to scale your operation up and move to a larger location.

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