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How do I purchase longspan shelving.

Posted by Eoghan 31/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Shelving,Storage Solutions,

Longspan Shelving comes in various depths. The first thing to ascertain is the depth of the shelving you require. This can easily be done by measuring the items you wish to store and then checking which system will work best . One thing you must also remember when measuring is to allow yourself enough space to work and load the shelf. Most walkways start at three feet and get larger if you require trolleys or pallet trucks.

Longspan shelving comes in lengths of 2100mm and as long as you are shelving a certain area in one continuous line you require one starter bay. A starter bay comes with two blue uprights and includes the cross beams and shelving inserts. It is required every time you start a new line of shelving. An extension bay comes with only one blue upright and includes the cross beams and shelving inserts. The cross beams of the extension bay then connect into the second frame of the starter bay. You continue this pattern with extension bays until you are required to start another line of shelving.


If your wall or area you are measuring is 9000mm long you would simply divide the area by 2100mm. For the 9000mm area you would require a run of four bays totalling 8400mm in length. When you come to make your online order you would select a starter bay of the depth you need and then add three extension bays of the same depth.


Here are some measurements to help:

  • 2100mm = 1 Starter Bay.
  • 4200mm = 1 Starter Bay and 1 Extension Bay.
  • 6300mm = 1 Starter Bay and 2 Extension Bays.
  • 8400mm = 1 Starter Bay and 3 Extension Bays.
  • 10500mm = 1 Starter Bay and 4 Extension Bays.


Please feel free to call any time with any queries you may have.