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Posted by Gary 15/09/2014 3 Comment(s) Racking,Shelving,Storage Solutions,Professional Installation,



Rack King and shelving have two different variations on our workbench. We also offer castors on both of these products. To make it easier to decide which one suits your needs best we will outline the differences in both and explain how castors can be an advantage.

Our first workbench is a medium duty bench it has load capacity of 300 kilograms on the worktop and is easy to construct with a clip in system and an mdf worktop which sits neatly in to the step beams provided. It is ideal for manual handling on small production lines and for general use. It comes with the option of a shelf underneath which can also assist with the storage of everyday items. These workbenches are a standard size in length at 2100mm but the depths and heights can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Heavy Duty workbench

Our second workbench is a much stronger product and more at home in the workshop. It is actually built from pallet racking which has been reduced in size and converted into a heavy duty workbench. This workbench has a lot of advantages firstly its load capacity is enormous with loads of up to two tonne being available with all supports in place. Generally though a working load of one tonne is more common. The 25mm mdf worktop is secured to the cross beams using self tapping screws making the whole unit one solid piece. You can also attach all manners of tools to this bench from drop saws, grinding wheels, tower drills to vices and small lathes.

 load capacity is enormous with loads of up to two tonne being available with all supports in place 

The workbench is also available with a shelf underneath as an option again ideal for the storage of tools and such.Another great advantage is the fact that although the standard size is 2700mm long the fact it is made from pallet racking means it can be extended giving you the option of multiple size workbenches. Workbenches can be 5400mm , 8100mm or more in length and the depth can be custom fitted to suit you. An 8100mm x 1600mm workbench could facilitate ten to fifteen people very easily. They are also ideal for the production of large sheet materials. The main selling point in the end is their strength and if its a large capacity industrial workbench you are after this is the one for you.