New Retail Shelving

From €120 per unit

Height: variable
Width: variable
Depth: variable.

New Retail Shelving

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Rack King has a variety of retail shelving units to suit your requirements.Our units are european manufactured and meet all european safety requirements. This can be an issue when dealing with some products from areas like China where the safety regulations are not as stringent. Our products are Spanish made and supplied direct to us from Valencia to Dublin. There are no middle men when dealing with Rack King all our products fare in stock and ready for delivery at all times.

Our Kimer retail units are solid and come with support bolster bars in every second unit to guarantee strength and support. Our units have a solid gloss white finish with a variety of sizes available for the shelves.

The one thing we offer on all shelving units bought in the Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow area is delivery and installation for a fee of only thirty euro per order. The fact that we are so competitive with our pricing means this deal can actually allows us to supply deliver and install for cheaper than our competitors can supply.

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New Retail Shelving