Long span Shelving

Rack King and Shelving Limited is Irelands biggest supplier of industrial longspan shelving.We constantly have hundreds of bays in stock and specialise in the supply and fit of longspan shelving. We can fit you out with one bay or 100 bays generally within a twenty four hour period. We supply our own brand of longspan unlike anyone elses in the country meaning you can always come back to us to expand your current system and we will have it in stock there and then. All stock is available from our warehouse in Walkinstown so you can collect anytime you want just give us a call and come over. No middle men we stock all our own stock.

Longspan Shelving is used in the vast majority of warehouses as the ideal solution to a companies storage needs. Three standard depths available 450mm deep, 600mm deep and 900mm deep

All bays come as standard with three fully adjustable levels but levels can be added or withdrawn to suit your needs. All bays come with new timber inserts. A galvanised metal shelving insert is available at 600mm deep to facilitate the food industry.

We can fit any of these sizes anywhere countrywide. CONTACT TODAY FOR A QUOTE.


  • Easy installation with a clip in beam to frame construction.
  • Open back bays provide easy access from both sides of bays.
  • Free standing racking requiring no bolting to walls or ground - bays can be easily moved if required.
  • Levels can be adjusted quickly to suit your storage and industrial shelving requirements.
  • We always store this exact shelving brand which means we always have extra accessories in stock to add on should you require, this is a big problem when dealing with used stock.
  • Metal inserts are also available to provide the food and catering industry with easy to clean surfaces.
  • Bay depths can be customised to suit all of your storage requirements from archive file storage to sheets of timber.

Options and Extras

  • 450mm deep This is the the smallest standard size available.Generally used for storage of items no more than 500mm in depth.Bankers boxes,file boxes,Shoe boxes. Used a lot in the storage of stationary products.
  • 600mm deepThis is by far the most popular size of longspan shelving available making up 70% of sales. It is used for all types of general storage and can be found in most warehouses countrywide. Auto parts, general garage storage, self storage units.
  • 900mm deepThe deepest longspan available it is used for large general bulk storage.If the space is available to you it is more cost effective to buy 900mm deep bays instead of 450mm deep as you literally get twice the storage capacity at a more competitive rate.
  • 600mm deep galvanisedThis is slightly more expensive but is used in the food industry where a timber insert is not permitted.Primarily in hotel Kitchens and storage of raw food products.