Double Sided Gondola Unit

The double side gondola is a versatile retail storage unit. They are generally in use on shop floors and can be used to store a varity of products and sizes.The bays are 1500mm high 1000mm wide and come completae with four shelves on either side of the unit.All shelves are fully adjustable and shelves can also be removed if you require the storage of larger products. Each shelf come with bolseters to allow stock to sit comfortably and also plastic retail strips for the fitting of prices and barcode labels.

Delivery of this product in Dublin is FREE. On orders placed over 700 euro or more than three bays WE WILL FIT THE UNITS FOR FREE ALSO!CONTACT TODAY FOR A QUOTE.

Options and Extras

  • - 2 x shelves 600mm x 1000mm
  • - 4 x shelves 500mm x 1000mm
  • - 2 x shelves 400mm x 1000mm