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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When You submit an order to us via our website you will receive a payment confirmation e mail as proof of purchase.We will then follow this up with a Vat invoice.You will also receive confirmation when your order is ready to be dispatched.

Returns or cancellations or damaged goods.

If you would like to return any product we would be more than happy to refund you the full cost of the product once you provide a receipt of purchase. The product must be returned at the customer's expense within seven working days of purchase.If you would like to cancel a product just e mail us at [email protected] and quote the purchase number on the payment confirmation you received and we will instantly cancel the product.You must cancel before you receive confirmation that your product is ready for delivery.Damaged goods will be fully refunded by Rack King.

We have never had an incident yet but we are aware that once the goods leave us we are no longer in control of the delivery process.No goods will leave our warehouse damaged but should you receive damaged goods please inform us straight away at [email protected] and we can supply you with new goods in their place or refund the product price.We must be made aware of the damaged goods within seven working days of purchase.

All refunds will be paid by company cheque once we have received the damaged goods.Using a credit card or debit card with Rack King and Shelving Limited is easy and securely protected . We only receive shipping names and addresses .All payment information will be handled by a third party gateway.We will not receive your credit or debit card details.